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Giovanni Giuntoli Hairstylist for Bridal hair fashion show
  1. Do I need to come to you to sign a contract?
    Not at all! We can arrange for digital contract signing, and you can place your deposits through online apps like Zelle, Venmo, check, and cash.

  2. Do you have a minimum service charge for on-location services?
    Yes, we do have a minimum for all on-location services.

  3. Do you offer bride-only hairstyling?
    Yes, I do offer services focusing solely on the beauty of the bride. However, a minimum service fee charge for travel on-location is required. There is no minimum for in-salon services.

  4. Can I do 2 hairstyles for my trial and on my event day?
    Yes and Yes! I love the idea of having two beautiful hairstyle options. We can accommodate both during your trial and on your event day, as long as we factor this into our timing and location.

  5. How soon do I need to book and confirm my wedding date? The sooner, the better is always best. Once you have secured a venue and date, you should book hair services right after. I'm currently accepting bookings up to 18 months out. Dates without a contract and deposit cannot be confirmed as a booking.

  6. What is my assurance you will show for my event day?
    Unless there is an extreme emergency, I'll be at your event. Occasionally, emergencies such as accidents or illnesses like COVID may arise. In such situations, I'll do my utmost best to provide you with a skilled substitute.

  7. Am I responsible for travel and parking fees?
    Yes, all travel fees are your responsibility and will be discussed prior to and included in the booking fee to make things easier on the day of.

  8. How much is my wedding deposit/retainer? Can services be changed?
    The deposit is a non-refundable 50% of the total contracted services. The balance is due 90 days before your event day. Any extra services or party changes on the event day will be treated as "a la carte" pricing.

  9. Is my retainer refundable?
    Yes, if canceled within 7 days after placing the deposit. Otherwise, the retainer is non-refundable if you cancel services for any reason. If changing dates, the deposit can be discussed, and options for moving will be offered.

  10. Do you need a second artist or stylist?
    For parties of 5 or more, very early completion times, limited time frames, etc., assistants are available at an additional $125 per hour.

  11. What are overtime charges & when are they incurred? Overtime charges come into effect at the contracted “Service End Time”. These charges will be incurred if the end time is exceeded only at the fault of the party and not the service provider.

  12. What if someone on my contract backs out of services for my wedding day?
    Headcount changes more than 90 days out from the event day, the portion of their services can be deducted from the balance. Headcount changes within 90 days require the full balance due.

  13. Can you stay until after the ceremony for touch-ups for amazing photos?
    If you would like us to stay until after the ceremony for photos and any other reason, we can add that service. Choose my "Day Package" for an hour range to include your extra time needed. Hourly fee begins when initial services are finished. You can also purchase touch-up products for peace of mind, including travel-size options.

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