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Giovanni Giuntoli
Bridal Hairstyle Specialist

Giovanni Giuntoli Hairstylist for Bridal event fashion show

  With extensive training across the globe, including working on photo sets and with celebrities, I've honed my finishing skills, developed a keen eye for symmetry and balance, and mastered the art of working with diverse hair types and textures.


  My career reached new heights when I transitioned from a prestigious Chicago salon to the bustling world of New York City Fashion Week, where I traveled with celebrities and showcased my talents at Cutler Salon. Designers and celebrities alike were impressed by the speed, precision, and personalized touch I brought to each hairstyle, no matter how intricate.


  After years of refining my craft and traversing the world, I felt compelled to bring my expertise back home, offering hairstyling services for all occasions, whether it's your special day, a noteworthy event, or a fresh chapter in your life.


  I'm dedicated to making the process smooth and stress-free for you, ensuring that you can enjoy every moment leading up to your event. During your visit, I'll provide a comprehensive consultation to understand your hairstyling goals, ensuring that the final result not only meets but exceeds your expectations, complementing your entire look and personal style.

  You can find me cutting and styling at:

The Salon At Hoboken

600 Harrison St

Hoboken, NJ., 07030

Connect with me on Instagram:

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